Holistic health for the modern workplace

Backed by science and led by experts, our bespoke programmes are designed to make your team thrive.

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We all deserve to be healthy

We live in a society that has created an unsustainable and unhealthy pattern of working. This needs to change.

  • $300bn

    lost to US businesses yearly due to workplace stress
  • 57%

    of lost working days in UK due to stress, anxiety or depression
  • 83%

    of US workers suffer from work related stress

How it works

We assess your organisation's health, and design bespoke, science backed programs to help your team maximise their potential.


Choose your company programme

We work with you to design a bespoke plan that reflects your company values and culture. Choose from a suite of holistic health offerings delivered by our world-class experts in a series of live sessions.

Choose your company programme
  • Expert Q&As

    Invite employees to have any questions answered in our live fireside chats, hosted by leading scientists, TED speakers and NYT bestselling authors.
  • Group Classes

    Choose the frequency and type of group classes offered company-wide and access community classes in meditation, yoga, nutrition and breathwork.
  • Private Classes

    Book an expert for a private live 1-1 at any time when extra support is needed for individual employees or certain teams, accessed through our app.
  • Client Success

    Improve your understanding of employee happiness through regular reporting straight from your dedicated Partnership Manager.

Provide access anytime, anywhere

Employees can find additional support through our platform, which delivers personalised recommendations for on-demand content and articles, straight from our leading experts.

Provide access anytime, anywhere

Track the impact to your business

At launch, we invite all employees to complete the WONE Index to assess their holistic health across energy, resilience and activity. Track this anonymised, aggregated data over time to see the impact of our programme.

Track the impact to your business

Take the assessment

Developed by a team of scientists, our assessment is designed to gather information on your holistic health.

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Get your results

We assess three pillars which have been shown to influence your ability to cope with prolonged periods of stress.

Get your results
  • Energy

    Learn techniques that help to maintain consistent energy levels, reduce stress-induced fatigue and boost your sleep quality.
  • Resilience

    Build skills that increase your ability to handle pressure and respond positively to stressors, so you come away unharmed, or even stronger for the experience.
  • Activity

    Make lifestyle choices that boost your endorphins and have a positive influence on your digestive, immune and nervous systems, so you can consistently feel good.

Access support anytime, anywhere

Through our platform you can choose how to access expert support - whether that’s through group classes, private sessions or on-demand content.


Practice Live

Join group or private sessions with our expert practitioners, explore new styles and hear the science behind the programmes in live Q&As.

Explore On Demand

Find personalised recommendations for on-demand content and articles, straight from our leading experts, through our platform.

Measure your progress

Track your performance, monitor progress and reach your goals with our metrics and analytics. Your employer won’t ever have sight of individual assessments.
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By partnering with Walking on Earth, we easily incorporated a tailored, data and science driven employee Health and Wellness benefit that has enhanced engagement.

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